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8 Tips For Beard Growth

The beard is, next to a muscular torso, one of the typical masculine features. Do you have a nice full beard and you know how to keep it neat, then there is nothing wrong. This does not apply to everyone. One has indentations, an immature beard or a beard that grows so slowly that it would leave you despondent. Fortunately, we can show you, on the basis of eight tips, how you too can grow and maintain a beautiful beard.

Stimulate your beard growth in eight tips

Beard growth is regulated by hormones. That is no guarantee for a beautiful beard. Where one has a beautiful beard at the age of eighteen, the other has to wait until his thirtieth. Genetic predisposition certainly plays a role. Still, you can straighten things out with some tricks.

1. Eat healthy and varied

Everything to do with growth is related to nutrition. This also applies to beard growth. The first step is to provide a complete meal so that you get enough vitamins A, B, C and E, magnesium, omega 3 and zinc. If you also drink enough water, you are in fact already doing everything to stimulate your beard growth. If you still want to eat healthier, check these nutrition tips .

2. Avoid stress

Stress is logically linked to our lives. We have to perform in every possible area and in fact we always take too little time for ourselves. Your work, your social media, the gym and your social contacts, it all takes time. If planning all your tasks isn’t time consuming, there is the pressure from your environment that creates the necessary tension. So stress and that is not conducive to your beard growth. Avoid the stress and watch your beard grow quickly.

3. Good facial care

Good facial care should be routine. Especially if you would like to see your beard grow, it makes sense to take good care of your skin. That is not an empty claim, dermatologists also give that advice, and it is also a lot more caring.

4. Let the skin rest

Shaving your beard hair too often would increase hair growth. Nonsense! It helps to give the skin a rest by not shaving for a few days. You can then see for yourself how fast your beard actually grows.

5. Be kind to your beard

Good facial care is one thing, that does not mean that you have also taken care of your beard. Especially for the beard there are special remedies available. So use beard oil, beard shampoo or a special wax. If you take good care of the beard hair, this will also affect growth.

6. Exercise helps!

Having a beard is no excuse for not exercising. It makes no difference which sport you practice. Fitness, running or playing football are good for you. It stimulates the production of testosterone, a hormone that also has to do with beard growth.

7. The horse remedy: a beard transplant

If you really want to get rid of all your worries at once and have a beard like George Clooney, there is always the option of a hair transplant to get a beautiful full beard. That costs a few cents, but then you are relieved of all your worries in one go.

8. A beard is not everything

If a hair transplant is not really your thing or is just beyond your budget, then it is good advice to just work with what you have. A full beard is not for everyone, because you also have to have the right head for it. The big advantage: not all women go wild with a man with a beard, sometimes you even score better with a clean-shaven face.

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