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Best Beard Trimming Tips and Guide 2023

The following article will give you a few useful beard trimming tips you can use to trip your beard. Some of these tips are essential, some will just come in handy!

Proper Tool –


Starting our beard trimming tips, we will first take a look at the tools of the trade.

Beard trimming is a task best done using the proper tools. The two most basic ways of trimming a beard are using scissors/razor or using an electric trimmer. Try getting your hands on a quality specialized pair of scissors used by barbers. These are not expensive, nor are they cheap. But if you consider that the value of this investment returns in less than a year, you will feel better paying a bit extra for quality.

The logic of trimming your beard yourself is to save money, have fun doing it as well as getting it done just right. Going to a barber is a costly and time consuming affair, so if you do not miss the company of the fellows at your local barber, then trimming your beard is a great investment of your time.

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A cordless electric beard trimmer

If you prefer using a beard trimmer, then you will be better off in the long run if you go for a quality, brand trimmer that is not limited using a cord. Also make sure you do not pick up a battery operated beard trimmer, but a rechargeable one. If you decide to go for a battery powered one though, get your hands on rechargeable batteries and a battery charger.

Get two combs for your pre-trimming combing. Your basic beard comb should be a wide-tooth one, but you may also want a narrow-tooth comb for delicate styling and mustache trimming.

You may also want a magnifying glass to use when doing delicate work.

These are all the beard trimming tips about the tools I can give you. Let’s move on to the preparation part of beard trimming.

Preparing to Trim

The number one rule of the beard trimming tips is to NEVER trim your beard when it is wet. Hair straighten out when wet and are therefore longer. That means you will be cutting too much off.

The second rule, which we hinted off before, is to comb your beard before trimming it. You will remove tangles which can bog down your trimmer, as well as get an equal beard length.

A wide tooth comb

The tools you will be using should be cleaned after each trim or at least at the start of your next one.

When removing ingrown hair, avoid using your hands to squeeze it. Use a wet, hot towel to widen the pores, then use a tweezers and pluck the ingrown hair out, and finally sterilize it using a disinfectant.

Our beard behaves just like our hair when left unwashed. That means it gathers oil and is not only unhygienic, but also hard to manipulate with during your trimming work. Wash it using shampoo. Some even use specialized beard care products, although I must add, that using quality shampoo works just fine. I use an organic shampoo because I find it to be the most skin friendly.

These are all the beard trimming tips about the tools I can give you. Let’s move on to the preparation part of beard trimming.

Actual Beard Trimming Tips –

Okay. We have the right tools and have done all the preparation work. Now we start trimming.

The most important beard trimming tips are the following:

do not rush it! You will end up getting cut or will make a mistake of cutting your beard unequally. A common mistake is to trim your beard in a hurry, then feel satisfied that you did not end up getting hurt. But when you take a proper look at your beard, you realize that both sides of the face are not equally shaped. That will cost you more time (you have to prepare, trim and clean your tools after the trim) in the long run.

A straight razor. Careful with these.

work from both sides. Start at the highest point of one side and proceed down. When you reach your chin, go to the top of the other side of your beard and trim down. The word of the day? Trim down. It will help you keep your beard looking equal from both sides.

when using a razor, placing a hot towel on your face for a minute or two will help you avoid some injuries. You can use a cold wet towel to close your pores after the shave.

That is it folks! We got our beard trimming tips all at one place! Please comment on any tips you got from your past experiences, so we can include them for the future beards men of our time!

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